Who we are

Almost 10 years ago members of our team worked on a website that had to specifically be designed for use by individuals with visual impairments. It wasn’t enough for the website to be “compliant” it had to be truly usable.  This gave us a deeper understanding into what it takes to properly design user experiences that are accessible to everyone.

What are we about

The first step for Accessibility Tested was to design the best automated website accessibility checker possible.  Our goal is to provide a service that does frequent accessibility checks of our customer website to ensure as your site grows you can continue to keep you content in compliance.

The second step of our endeavor is to make our team available to organizations for hands on technical to bring websites into compliance.  We would be happy to review your report results with you and if possible, provide a plan of action for our team to work with your team to fix any web accessibility concerns your site may have.

Actual web accessibility testing services are available from our team. This is more than using intelligent algorithms to analyze your website, this involves members of our team using your website as someone with a disability or impairment might use your website. This includes using screen-readers, different input devices, and thoroughly documenting the experience.  Once completed we’ll provide you a report on what features cannot be properly utilized. This is the most accurate way to do actual accessibility testing, although it is the most time consuming and expensive.  We recommend that your site get to a point where it is passing our standard automated tests prior to hiring us to do an actual web accessibility test.