Web Accessibility Testing

Monthly automated website scanner for WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 compliance.

Our application tests the following elements:

  • Image alt tags
  • Color contrast
  • Link Names
  • Proper HTML markup
  •  Iframes and embedded media
  • Tab-index analysis
  • and much more
A site accessibility score of 98 out of 100 for the Baryames Cleaners site
A 100 percent performance score display within the web application

Page Performance Testing

Our page performance testing will run your application through multiple tests for desktop, tablet, and mobile performance, including:

  • Page load time
  • Script load time
  • Image size analysis
  • Page markup complexity
  • Compression
  • HTTPs/SSL security
  • Mobile speed/optimization
  • and other best practices

Website Spell Checker

Our system can review your site each month and check for any spelling errors on your pages.  We’ll add this to your report and deliver it to your inbox monthly.

You can configure some special rules for any unique words or brand names that our system might not be familiar with so it can intelligently learn and adapt over time.

Broken Link Checker

If your website links to any external website then you’ll definitely need to have a broken link checker running monthly.  This will make sure all of the websites that you link to are still up and working. If a page has moved or the link is broken, we’ll add it to your report.  Our broken link checker will also test and report back to you on any internally relocated, renamed or deleted pages and files.